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Oostvoorne Kitesurf School

No wind? No worries !!

If there is no wind for a kitesurfing lesson, don’t worry. In Oostvoorne we have plenty of alternatives:

Learn Moutainboard & Kite Buggy


Another part of the Kiteboarding world is Landboarding. It needs less wind than kitesurfing. At we have complete sets of buggies, mountainboards and powerkites, a good way to train for kiteboarding and to enjoy light wind days.

Learn  StandUp Paddle


Almost every day there are enough waves at the Maasvlakte beach to learn how to surf waves. If there is no wind we will go for a standup paddle on a lake called “Brielse Meer”.

Learn Wakeboarding


Another great activity in order to learn waterstart and escape from a no wind day is Wakeboarding at a Cable Park.


Let’s Go mountainbiking


if you are a bike lover, you will love to ride the 10km moutainbike track around Oostvoornse meer.


Oostvoorne and its surroundings, with the beautiful beaches, the big nature reserves and the dunes is a perfect place to enjoy and relax at the seaside. Rotterdam or Den Hague are not far away for big city dwellers. Ancient towns like Brielle and Goedereede are very interesting to visit, as is the very small touristic village of Renesse. 200m from our camp with have access to a little beach with possibilities to relax, paddle or try some windsurfing !

kitesurfles-Oostvoorne Learn, progress and enjoy with us at in any wind condition!!